The Nutcracker House & Lauscha Glass, Stars & Ornaments

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For the Hoffmann Company from Dresden in Germany-where there is a long tradition of selling Christmas decorations at Christmas markets. After having operated several booths at different German Christmas markets they started expanding and exploring other markets in the UK and in North America. They have successfully participated in the Vancouver Christmas Market and Chicago Christmas Market for years now.

The Hoffmann Company brings classic Christmas decorations that are made in the Erzgebirge region in Eastern Germany. All the nutcrackers, smokers, pyramids and Schwibbogen are produced by the traditional producers in Germany, who are famous for their century old style of wooden crafts.

You will love the smell and the atmosphere in your house while lighting the candles at the pyramids or the incense cones in the smokers. Let your family be part of a traditional way of celebrating Christmas with these unique pieces of German Wood Art. Each nutcracker and smoker represents a special figure and has a different story to tell to your kids–you will become a collector. These beautiful figurines have fans of all ages around the world!

The Hoffmann Company will also exhibit in Vancouver again with their colorful selection of glass ornaments from Lauscha in Germany.

Coming from the region where the glass bowls are still handmade, they can liaise directly with the artisans to bring the latest designs, colors and shapes. You will be surprised at their great variety of glass ornaments, from classic Christmas ornaments for the traditionalists, to the more modern designs for the young Christmas crowd!