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West Coast wild foods presents some of their most popular creations like their famous Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup and Wild Mushrooms Grilled Cheese at this year’s Vancouver Christmas Market. Enjoy some of their great recipes produced with natures most exquisite wild foods right at the market.

About West Coast wild foods:

West Coast wild foods, local mushrooms & specialties is one of Canada’s leading wild mushroom companies. Focusing exclusively on natures most exquisite wild foods, bringing wild mushrooms such as Chanterelle, Morel, Porcini, Pine and many others directly from the forests of North America. They will have a full selection of fresh as well as dried mushrooms on hand every day, featuring also Candy Cap Mushroom Macaroons, Chaga Tea/Coffee Blend and Wild Berry Jams.

They will also sell as a variety of Untamed Feast products, like Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup, Porcini Risotto, Thai Morel Coconut Rice, Smoked Chanterelle Arroz, and the famous Wild Mushroom Gravy/Sauce mix. Preview their products WestCoastWildFoods.com where you can watch videos of your mushrooms being hunted and learn from our cooking demonstrations. Enjoy nature’s finest food creations, Taste the Wild!