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West Coast Wild Foods Ltd. Featuring local wild mushrooms & wild food specialties from the Canadian mountains and forest. WCWF is Canada’s leading wild foods company focusing exclusively on natures most exquisite wild foods, including wild mushrooms such as Chanterelle, Morel, Porcini, Pine, Blue Chanterelle and many others.

They will have a full selection of fresh as well as dried mushrooms on hand each day. Other feature products include: Chaga, Chaga Herbal Coffee Blend, local Wild Berry Jams and Syrup, pickled local fiddleheads, fresh truffle and many more. Enjoy nature’s finest food creations, Taste the Wild! westcoastwildfoods.com Facebook: West Coast Wild Foods Ltd. Instagram: westcoastwildfoods Twitter: @westcoastwild1, @westcoastwild3