Spanish Churros

Spain | *NEW*

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Join us in saying ‘willkommen‘ to this fantastic new addition to our 2016 food lineup!

Historically eaten by the Spanish shepherds, this recipe was to good to be kept a secret and it wasn’t long before the delicious churros made their way into Spain’s towns and cities!

Today churros are well known all over Latin America and have established themselves in the major European cities.
It’s a simple dough of flour, water and a pinch of salt, deep fried until it is crispy & golden on the outside but soft & lightly creamy on the inside. What you get is a thin & long star shaped pastry perfect as a warm treat to grab and wander the market.

Churros are also vegan!! So whether you go for the classic cinnamon and sugar, or the churro topped with chocolate, nuts, sprinkles or more, there’s a churro for everyone!