Schnappsl Kaffee Haus

Germany |

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A trip to the Scnappsl Kaffee Haus is like a mini visit to the snow-covered Alps! Get in the festive spirit with one of their delicious German-inspired drinks or a classic eggnog:

‘Naughty Nog’

Eggnog with Rum, Brandy and a dash of Nutmeg

‘Nice Nog’

(non-alcoholic eggnog)

Biedermeier Kaffee

Apricot Schnapps , Coffee, Whip Cream & Candy cane

Alm Kaffee

Crab Apple Schnapps, Coffee, Whip Cream & Candy cane

Classic Kaffee


Our beverages proudly feature premium Arabica coffee beans from Lavazza Coffee, and Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery schnapps and brandy (look for these items and other fine spirits at their new Vancouver Christmas Market Hut).