Nica Ceramica

Nicaragua | *NEW*

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Join us in saying ‘willkommen‘ to Nica Ceramica, a fantastic addition to our 2016 Gift Vendors!

NICA Ceramica’s purpose is to work for the betterment of the struggling Nicaraguan economy by making handcrafted ceramic pieces available to our strong North American market. Our ties to the artisans of the pottery town, San Juan de Oriente, allow us to bring beautiful works of art to our customers, while providing economic benefit to the potters of this small community. It is important to us that the artisans who design and create this pottery are compensated fairly for their work. Each piece is hand-made, using only traditional tools, and its creation is many hours in the making. We at Nica Ceramica also run the Nicaragua Children’s Foundation and have made many trips to this beautiful country. 25% of all Nica Ceramica profits support the NCF.

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