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‘As nature intended…’

Featuring wooden watches and sunglasses, sustainably handcrafted from wood and other renewable resources. Mistura’s exotic and unique watches are configured to the specific requirements of their customers. From white leather straps, to teak surrounds, striking orange hands to subtle wooden dials, Mistura Timepieces offer something for every taste.

Every wooden watch is lovingly handcrafted to precise requirements and subject to the strictest quality controls. They have achieved an ultimately unique watch by mixing sustainability, sophistication, and style. Mistura and Fento’s ethos is ‘as nature intended…’ It is the combination of fashion and art that makes Mistura wooden watches and Fento wooden sunglasses truly exotic and exceptional. To ensure the highest quality and exceptional finish of our wooden wristwatches, Mistura Designers lovingly handcraft their watches through a slow and meticulous process of up to 85 hours.