Herrnhuter Sterne

Germany |

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Start your own family tradition

These special Herrnhuter stars are part of a long-standing custom in which families assemble stars together, and hang them to decorate and brighten the house. Friendly staff will be pleased to share the full story of this wonderful German Christmas tradition with you!

Get crafty

Young visitors can join in the festive spirit with the “build your own star” kids activity. Learn more here.


Savour the smell of Christmas with handmade metal incense smokers from Huss & Neudorf Germany. These detailed miniatures come in many styles, including favorites like the ‘steaming coffee pot’ and ‘smoking pipe’.
Sweet gifts from Confiserie Heidel/Osnabrueck and contemporary decorations from Raeder/Bochum.

MyBrilliantStar is the exclusive Canadian & American distributor of Herrnhut Stars from Herrnhut, Germany.