German Pizza & More!

Canada | *NEW*

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Join us in saying ‘willkommen‘ to this fantastic new addition to our 2016 food lineup!

Authentic german-style flatbread pizzas (Flammkuchen) & more!

Flammkuchen originated in the Black Forest and Alsace region. The Flammkuchen would be used to test the heat of the big wood fired ovens. At the peak of its temperature, the oven would also have the ideal conditions in which to bake the Flammkuchen. We still make the Flammkuchen in a wood fired oven. The embers are pushed aside to make room for the Flammkuchen in the middle of the oven, and the intense heat is able to bake it in just a few minutes. The crust that forms the border of the Flammkuchen is nearly burned by the flames. The result resembles a think crust pizza with crème fraiche, a special Black Forest bacon and some onions as toppings.

Their pizzas are made with organic spelt sourdough. All ingredients are BC produced, our cheese is provided by Smits & Co in Chilliwack and the German Prociutto (Schinkenspeck) is from Summit Creek Sausage, located in Bridge Lake.