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Willkommen to the sweet side of life!

Are you ready for a candy adventure? Candy Meister offers a selection of colourful, scrumptious, all natural, gluten, dairy and corn free candies from Germany!
A wide variety of our treats originate from the candy producer Wilhelm Mueller, who maintains candy making traditions the same way as he did in 1949. The Candy Meister offers the widest selection of hard candies anywhere in North America.
Here’s what Nabeel, one of our customers had to say, “The orange one is so good, and the little green ones, and the raspberry…I’m glad i got the mixed fruit bag, they are all sooo good.”

Our fabulous candies and team won “BEST HUT EXPERIENCE 2012″as voted by the visitors at the Vancouver Christmas Market. Stop by the traditional Candy Meister hut and try up to 40 different flavours, such as our popular Mulled Wine, Assorted Fruit, and Crunchy Candies as well as our wide selection of herbal candies.

To know what all our delicious candies are visit Candy Meister’s online shop.